Cash Management/eCorp Suite of Products

State Bank of Cross Plains Business Bankers understand that, "Cash is your business life blood. Managed well, your company remains strong and healthy. Managed poorly, your company goes into cardiac arrest." The short-term stability and long-term survival of your company is dependent upon good Cash Management practices.

The 5 Categories of Cash Management:

  1. Disbursements: How bills get paid - money out
  2. Collections: How money comes in
  3. Reporting: The information you need
  4. Fraud Protection: The security you need
  5. Investments: Additional earnings

To assist in managing your company's cash effectively, the State Bank of Cross Plains offers our eCorp suite of products. By choosing the eCorp package that is right for you, you have full-service access to your State Bank of Cross Plains' business accounts via the Internet.

Cash managers can look up detailed data regarding an account's current and anticipated cash position, including balances, holds, presentments and transactions. You have the ability to initiate transfers between accounts, generate ACH transfers, make loan payments, make wire transfers and stop payments - all with the click of a mouse from your own office!

eCorp (Viewing only package)

  • Unlimited Account Viewing (No limit to the number of people who have access to your eCorp Account)
  • Controlled Access (Client can determine information security rights)
  • Free eStatement
  • Free Bill Pay
  • Free Debit Card
  • Check Image Viewing
  • Twelve Month Account History
  • Internal Transfers Between Deposit Accounts
  • Quickbooks Download Available

eCorpPlus* All the benefits of eCorp and...

  • Unlimited Account Access
  • Initiate Draws from a Line of Credit
  • Initiate Pay Downs to a Line of Credit
  • Ability to Initiate Stop Payments*
  • Money Market Sweep Functions*

*See Business Fee Brochure for all fees and details.

Click Here for our eCorp Demo

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eCorp offers complete privacy, controlled through client and employee identification codes and passwords. This ensures only authorized access to your company's accounts. Security access can be limited by account and also by specific process type, such as fund transfers, stop payments or viewing specific account information only.

Some examples include:

  • Restrict whether a user can view and/or transfer account information.
  • Restrict what processes are available to that user such as initiating wires, stop payments or transfers.
  • Restrict what time period the user can have access to account information, such as 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and only Monday through Friday.
  • Require second person approval on all transfers, wires, etc., to complete transactions.
  • To access accounts, actual account numbers do not have to be displayed. Instead, use account nicknames.

Security of your financial information on the Internet has been our highest concern. We have put procedures and extensive hardware systems in place to assure that your information is secure. We believe that we have put in place the best security possible for eCorp and would not offer you this service otherwise. Please read the Security Statement for more detailed security information.

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Business Bill Pay

Pay your bills without the hassle of stamps and envelopes. With the eCorp bill payment service, you can pay your bills directly online at any time of day or night. Not only do you save time writing checks each month, but you also save money. 

Click here for more information on our upgrade to CheckFree bill pay.

Click here to access the eCorp Bill Pay Demo.

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Getting Started is Easy

If you are familiar with the Internet and Windows applications, you will feel comfortable with eCorp as an innovative tool for account management. Call a personal banker at 855-256-7328 today to learn more about how to get started with eCorp.

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Please Note...

We recommend using Internet Explorer versus Netscape when using eCorp. When using Netscape you may receive errors or the screens may not appear correctly.

For optimal results, we recommend using:

  • Operating System: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, MAC OS X
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 8.0 or 9.0, Mozilla Firefox 4 *please note- ACH editor is only compatible with Internet 8.0 or 9.0 (32-bit version)
  • PDF Reader: Adobe Reader/Acrobat 10

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