Bill Payment

Pay your bills without the hassle of stamps or envelopes. With eBANK! Bill Payment Service, you can pay your monthly bills directly online at anytime of day or night. Not only do you save time writing checks every month, but you also save money buying stamps.


"Pop" Your Money into Friends and Families Accounts!

Popmoney®is an innovative personal payment service that eliminates the hassles of checks and cash. Popmoney®allows you to send and receive money as easily as you send and receive email and text messages. Just use your checking account with us. 

With popmoney®, you can send and receive money using our bill pay service in eBank! It's just that easy!


How it Works

Sending Money
*You will need to be signed up for bill pay in State Bank's eBank! in order to use popmoney®

  • To send money
    • Log on to eBank!
    • Select bill payment
    • Look for popmoney®
  • Send money to anyone using their name, email address, mobile number or bank account information. If you're sending a gift, consider using one of our special email designs.
  • You will be notified when the transaction is completed.
  • If the money is not accepted, it will be automatically returned to you.

Receiving Money

  • You receive an email or text message telling you someone sent you money. 
  • You will log into bill pay and select popmoney®.You will then be able to accept the money.
  • If you don't accept the money, it will be automatically returned to the sender.
  • Money sent to your bank account can be automatically deposited.


How will the recipient know I sent money using Popmoney®


The recipient will recieve a payment notification either by email or a text message depending on how you chose to send the money. 

It's just that easy to "Pop" Popmoney® !

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Click here for more information on our upgrade to CheckFree bill pay.

Click here to access the eBANK! Bill Pay and Popmoney Demo.

To sign up for eBANK! Bill Payment, please log into eBANK!, and click on the green “Bill Payment" tab.

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