Deposit Funds With Ease!

What is eCourier?
eCourier allows you to conveniently deposit checks without leaving your office - simply by imaging your deposits and transmitting the file to the bank via imaging technology.

You simply scan your checks using your bank provided scanner, transmit your file via eCorp, our business Internet banking tool, and sit back and relax!

How does eCourier work?
You scan your checks with the special scanner we provide, then transmit those scanned check images via the Internet to the State Bank of Cross Plains. Here's a description of how it works:

  • Our Cash Management expert works with you on-site to install a state-of-the-art scanner and special web-based software on any Internet-ready PC you designate. The software is easy to use and is password-protected for security.
  • The scanner images both sides of each check and can even read handwritten dollar amounts. The check images can then be transmitted over the Internet in encrypted format to the State Bank of Cross Plains' items processing department.
  • We print a copy of each check, called an Image Replacement Document. This document then goes through normal check processing, and the funds are deposited into your State Bank of Cross Plains account.

In today’s complex world, you need innovative, flexible solutions. eCourier can provide the cash management solutions you need on a daily basis, bringing your business banking needs Closer to You.

Benefits of eCourier?

  • Deposits are credited to your bank account on the same day, increasing working capital
  • Courier cost decreased/eliminated
  • Automate deposit preparation and accounts receivable reconciliation
  • Time out of office decreased
  • Ability to research deposits online via eCorp
  • No need to manually copy checks for future reference

Call your Business Banker today to learn more about this faster, safer and easier banking tool.

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