Comprehensive Financial Planning


Financial Planning extends beyond your investments to include other important areas of your life. 

Is your financial life in order?

If you are unsure, schedule a consultation with one of our financial planning specialists. We have the credentials, experience, expertise, tools and other resources necessary to assess your present situation and, if warranted, devise a plan to address any deficiencies.

Elements of a Financial Plan

A financial plan can incorporate any or all of the following aspects of your financial situation. Our financial planners will work with you to identify your goals and develop a plan to meet your individual needs.

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Investments can help us achieve our goals but they also carry their own unique set of risks. The financial planner will review your current holdings in light of your risk tolerance and objectives and will help you establish appropriate asset allocation targets. Depending upon the scope of the relationship, the planner will work with you to manage your investments.

Retirement Planning

Other than planning for the expenses of college, retirement planning is often cited as the most important element that people are concerned about. Helping clients meet their goals and objectives for retirement is an integral part of the financial planning process. The planner will work with you to determine your ability to achieve your goals and objectives. The planner will thoroughly review your retirement accounts and offer suggestions for maximizing the impact those, and other, tools may have on your retirement.

Estate Planning

Effective estate planning can help you control the eventual distribution of your assets in the manner that you desire and can help minimize the effect of taxes upon your estate. Without proper planning your estate could end up costing you more in taxes than necessary and/or end up being distributed in a manner inconsistent with your desires. While we cannot practice law, we can work with you and your legal advisors to make sure that your plans are carried out as you wish.


Tax planning is a critical element of financial planning. The proper use of investments and planning tools can help to minimize the impact of taxes on an individual or family’s finances. The financial planner can work with your tax advisor to measure the impact of taxes on your finances and to offer suggestions to 
reduce that impact.

College Planning

Planning for the expense of college, whether for oneself, a child, or grandchildren is often the most 
pressing issue in financial planning due to the high (and rising) cost of a secondary education. The financial planner will help you determine the projected costs of attending college and suggest methods for meeting those costs.


Insurance planning evaluates the risks one faces in life (financial, health, personal, long-term care, and property) and considers alternative methods to deal with them. Your financial planner will review your policies to determine if you are adequately covered. 


A budget is a plan to allocate resources towards living expenses, debt payment, and savings. Its purpose is to allow the user to allocate resources in a manner that can achieve one’s financial goals and objectives. A budget should be simple yet specific, flexible but defined. The financial planner will review your current budget and/or suggest a new one.

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