Prime Time Plus Club

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Qualifying is Simple 

Prime Time Plus is a special package of services and a social club that offers a variety of benefits for those of you age 50 or better. Join our Prime Time Plus Club, and watch these advantages go to work for you.

  • Members or their spouse must be age 50 or better to join the Club.
  • Members must maintain a minimum of $5,500 per household in combined average deposit balances.

For customers who want to join, but do not currently meet the minimum deposit requirements, our customer service representatives would be happy to explain the range of high-yield savings products, including IRA accounts that would qualify them for membership.

If you have any questions or already qualify and want to become a member, call Prime Time Plus Club Director Lois Boehnen at 608-828-2992.

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Club Benefits 

As a Prime Time Plus Club Member you may receive many benefits including:

  • Travel with friends to exciting attractions at a reduced cost
  • Social and educational events
  • Membership discounts with participating merchants. Click Here to see participating merchants for 2013.
  • Prime Time Quarterly Newsletter
  • Club Checks printed at reduced rates
  • Free Cashier's Checks and Money Orders
  • 25% Discount on Safe Deposit Box

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Adventure Travel 

One of the most popular benefits of being a Prime Time Plus Club member is the ability to travel with friends to exciting attractions- at attractive prices!

Past trips have included: New York; Australia; Branson, Missouri; Alaska; Ireland; Germany; Hawaii; and Africa and a variety of day trips to many exciting locations.

Special consideration is given to comfort on our trips. We make sure to include meals, frequent rest stops, and full-size luxury coaches for every out-of-town event. If members have special dietary or traveling requests, we make every effort to accommodate them.

Click Here or call Lois Boehnen at (608) 828-2992 for our current travel schedule.  If you have suggestions for possible travel destinations, click here to contact us.

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 Social and Educational Opportunities 

We host summer picnics; golf clubs; and book clubs in addition to educational seminars ranging from estate planning and housing options to training on social media for those who prefer to stay close to home.

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Staying Closer to You

To ensure that the Club is moving in the right direction with its program and trip planning, an advisory board meets with our club staff periodically.

Many things have changed in banking over the 25+ years that the Club has been in existence, but the one thing that will never change is our desire to be closer to you. Our Prime Time Plus Club is really our bank's way of saying "thank you for your business." We are excited we have the ability to continue to offer you a program with so many diverse benefits. We thank you for your patronage and assure you that we will continue to make our Prime Time Club one that our members enjoy. 

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