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Whether you want to create a comprehensive financial plan, ensure a steady income during retirement or leave a financial legacy for future generations, our Wealth Management Team is the answer. 

Experienced & Accredited Staff

With us, you'll have access to our dedicated team of trust officers, portfolio managers and in-house financial planners. Meet Our Team. 

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Everything we do is built on strong, lasting personal relationships and understanding the unique needs, circumstances and dreams of every client. 

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Headquartered in Madison, WI and dedicated to serving our clients with an exceptional level of care and convenience. 

Wealth Matters Insights Newsletter | Latest Statement Commentary

"The reason you have a financial advisor or work with a trust department is for them to make the decisions that are difficult for an individual to make. We rely on them to guide us and make those kinds of decisions."

Whether you’re taking your first few steps or
you’re on the homestretch, retirement can
feel like a race against time. 

For the month of January, 2017, we’re offering retirement readiness meetings. We can help you:

  • Identify goals
  • Access your readiness to retire
  • Make recommendations for improvement

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