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You work hard for your money, and as a result of your hard work, you have accumulated a substantial amount of assets.  The State Bank of Cross Plains has a team of professionals that can manage your assets and help you reach your financial goals.

Investment management is more than a portfolio of stocks and bonds: It is the process by which you achieve your dreams. 

Ultimately, it all begins with you: What do you want to accomplish, what are your goals, your concerns, what is your risk tolerance, how do taxes impact you.  Based on those goals and concerns, we work with you to mold an objective that becomes the roadmap to our investment relationship.  The plan is put in action through the design of a unique portfolio based on your investment objective. 

Once the portfolio is designed, the implementation process begins.  Although a diversified portfolio may consist of mutual funds, individual stocks and bonds, certificates of deposit, money market funds, and exchange traded funds, the investments within your portfolio will match your objectives and constraints.  The process doesn’t end there, however, as we actively manage your account towards its goal.  Finally, your objectives may change over time and through ongoing consultation.  We will keep the portfolio on course.

By working with some of the most highly respected names in the investment community such as Northern Trust, Morningstar, and Value Line among others, we are able to select the best of the investment alternatives available.  Our research process narrows the investment universe to those options that earn the highest ratings from our investment partners.  We believe this process leads to results that over time consistently outperform a comparable basket of indexes.

We seek consistent, predictable, and above-average investment results over time. Our investment philosophy is firmly grounded in and driven by the following principals:

  • Conservative Approach – Trust departments have long recognized the wisdom and value of a conservative approach to investing. Above all, this means identifying and understanding a client’s tolerance for risk and then taking steps to minimize that risk while pursuing investment objectives.
  • Superior Quality Assets – For mutual funds, we use only those that are no-load and top-ranked by Morningstar, Inc. Individual bonds must by rated AA- or higher in order to be purchased in clients’ accounts. Individual stocks must carry above-average ratings by either Northern Trust Company or Value-Line.
  • Long-Term Perspective – While we are very attentive to important economic and related events that may impact short-term investment results, we are more concerned with long-term results. This discipline and focus enhances portfolio stability and typically leads to stronger and more consistent investment performance over time.
  • Role of Asset Allocation – Asset allocation, simply the percentages of money invested in stocks, bonds, and/or cash equivalents, plays a critical role in determining portfolio risk and, ultimately, long-term return expectations.
  • Broad Portfolio Diversification – Broad portfolio diversification is essential to risk minimization; therefore, we seek to diversify on many different levels such as by industry, market capitalization, investment style, issuer, credit quality, and more. Diversification is an important element of the “conservative” approach.

Our board of directors supervises investment and other activities through monthly meetings of the Trust Investment Committee which consists of the following individuals:

  • Jim Tubbs, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Linda Ballweg, Executive Vice President - Chief Retail Officer
  • Dan Savage, Senior Vice President and Senior Trust Officer
  • Katherine Esser, Vice President and Trust Officer
  • Mark Drachenberg, Vice President and Trust Officer


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Investment products

Are Not FDIC Insured Are Not Bank Guaranteed May Lose Value

Not all investment products are FDIC insured; Non-Deposit Investment Products (NDIPs) are not a deposit or other obligations of, or-guaranteed by, State Bank of Cross Plains; Non-Deposit Investment Products (NDIPs) are subject to investment risk, including possible loss of principal amount invested.

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